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“Tailored guidance for your unique educational path:
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Profile Building
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Identifying Universities
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Application Process
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Visa Assistance


Feeling overwhelmed by the vast options in overseas education?
EduCounsel is here to simplify your journey! We understand that choosing the right program and university can be daunting. That's why our patient and attentive counsellors guide you through the entire process, from initial exploration to finding the perfect fit. More than just course matching, we empower you for success. Our counselling equips you with the tools to discover your potential, explore exciting opportunities, and chart a clear path towards your dream career. We achieve this by:

  • Understanding You: Through in-depth conversations, we get to know your interests, skills, and aspirations to identify suitable programs.
  • Personalized University Selection: We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Your course preferences, academic profile, budget, cultural preferences, and future career opportunities are all considered when recommending universities.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced counsellors assess your strengths and guide you toward the best academic choices.

EduCounsel doesn’t just help you find a program; we help you find your future. Let’s start your journey today!

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Profile Building

Different students require different levels of attention, advice, information, and encouragement. As a mentor we provide information, knowledge and advice on career development. We provide support and encouragement to build up the student’s profile by development of their skills and academic strengths to be at par on a competitive platform for University enrolments.

  • Reviewing profile
  • Identifying objectives
  • Providing feedback
  • Identifying strengths and achievements
  • Identifying areas of development
  • Setting targets for future actions
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Identifying Universities

The process of identifying the right universities for the desired program depends on various intricate factors. At EduCounsel a step by step methodology is followed to identify the right country and university as per the desired program of study.

  • Matching the University entry requirements with the student profile
  • Enrolling and preparing for various entrance examinations required by the University admissions
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Application Process

Once the right universities have been identified, EduCounsel assists students with the application process to the various universities.

  • Preparing the application kit which include Academic documents, LORS, CV ,SOP, Essays and Portfolios
  • Meeting deadlines for applications
  • Preparation for admission interviews
  • Scholarship applications and criteria, financial aid
  • Guidance for Fine Arts and Architecture students
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Visa Assistance

The most important and sensitive part of the entire process is the Visa application and documentation. EduCounsel has a history of 100% visa success owing to the accuracy in visa documentation and submission. We expertise in student visa processing across various countries and students can be assured of a smooth and perfect visa process.

  • Reviewing the Visa Application Form
  • Collecting the visa documents as per the checklist
  • Compiling the visa documents file
  • Accurately submitting the visa application along with documents
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